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17 Incredible Things You Didn't Know About Whole Foods

The Wholey Grail of supermarkets.

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3. A year after the first Whole Foods opened, one of the worst floods in Austin's history hit the city, wiping out most of the store's inventory and equipment.

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The store had NO insurance, but customers and neighbors helped clean up and creditors, vendors, and investors were lenient with the store.


7. There is even an ice skating rink ON TOP of the flagship Austin location.

9. The company has an "open policy" when it comes to salary. ANY employee can look up ANY other employee's salary, up to and including the CEO level. The practice is meant to encourage both discussion and competition within the company.


14. At Whole Foods' Westport, Conn., store, two team members are named "King and Queen of Customer Service" for the month. Each member is given two minutes to sprint around the store, collecting as many groceries as possible.

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The entire store cheers on, and each contestant usually leaves with two or three carts of food.

16. Whole Foods buys local from regional farmers, ranchers, growers, and producers, so every store will have a different selection of items!

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To an extent, the company even lets stores determine what "local" means, allowing them to pick and choose providers.


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