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19 Pictures That Are Too Real For Anyone Who's Asked For The Wi-Fi Password

Home is where the Wi-Fi automatically connects.

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1. What you want to ask your neighbors when you pick up a strong signal:

Big Machine

2. This serious fashion statement:

3. This illness, which you've probably had before:


4. This intimate question you've definitely asked:


5. This terrifying moment when it seems all hope is lost:


6. This all-too-real technological problem:

7. The difference between you and normal people:

8. What you imagine the afterlife to be like:

9. And what you'd be like at Hogwarts:

10. What you're like when you visit someone's house for the first time:

11. When not everyone realizes it's 2015:

12. This very serious matter of proper etiquette:

13. This heartwarming sentiment:

14. This very deep analysis of the human psyche:

15. What every family reunion is like for you:

16. When someone thinks they're being clever, and you just roll your eyes:

17. This nightmare parenting scenario:

18. This accurate depiction of you when you go out to eat:

19. And finally, when you're done playing games:

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