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19 Secrets Everyone Who Has A Pet Fish Won't Tell You

When it comes to pets, the wetter the better.

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3. It's never easy, but you HAVE to make sure the decorations in the tank are absolutely perfect. After all, this is your fish's home and you're basically the interior designer, an aquatic Martha Stewart, if you will.


5. You definitely talk to your fish like it can understand you. At times, you even think it might be listening. Spoiler alert: It's not.


10. Cleaning the fish tank is a labor of love. A disgusting, green, wet, smelly labor of love.

11. You usually have a friend watch your beloved fish when you're on vacation, but you're scared they will mess up your aquarium in any number of ways.


18. It may seem crass, but you've mastered the art of flushing your dead fish down your toilet. It made you sad, but you got over it fast.

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