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    Posted on Sep 26, 2015

    This One Thing You Never Noticed In "Arthur" Will Rock Your World

    You'll SEE the show a totally different way now...

    Hey '90s kids, take a seat because I'm about to blow your mind. Arthur was totally like, one of the best TV shows of our childhoods, right?

    PBS / Via

    SRSLY, never has an aardvark been so relatable...ESPECIALLY when he was deep-throating chocolate cake straight from the refrigerator.

    PBS / Via


    But Arthur wasn't quite the perfect childhood show it seemed like on the surface. Far from it — there was something truly messed up going on the entire time, right under our noses.

    PBS / Via

    Let's take a closer look. Notice anything WRONG YET?

    PBS / Via

    Let's zoom in one more time and...OMG WTF IS GOING ON. How the HELL are Arthur's glasses staying up like that. THEY DEFY GRAVITY.

    PBS / Via

    Quick sidenote: I wear glasses. Here is a picture of me wearing glasses.

    This is how glasses work: They stay in place because they hook onto your ear, otherwise they would fall right off. It's physics, y'all.

    Sam Stryker / BuzzFeed / Via

    BUT ARTHUR'S GLASSES DON'T DO THAT. They just sit on his round chubby aardvark cheeks, and somehow stay on...even though they should fall off right in the opening credits.

    This Tumblr post about Arthur's glasses TRULY says it all.

    H/T: Tumblr user darkojay.

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