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A Definitive Ranking Of The Crappy Things That Have Happened To Sansa Stark

Her bad luck is Sansa-tional.

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13. That time Cersei was her future mother-in-law and really turned on the crazy during the Battle of the Blackwater. #RedWineFunTimes

Sansa Suck Score: 4.5. Cersei is the craziest chick alive in Westeros, so when she's not sleeping with her brother, she's usually plotting someone's death.

6. That time she was nearly thrown through the Moon Door by Loony Lysa, her own damn aunt.

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Sansa Suck Score: 7. Nice knowing that most of your family is dead, and some of those who are alive want to kill you.

3. That time little dirtbag breast milk connoisseur Robin kicked over her snow castle.

Sansa Suck Score: 8.5. By now, Sansa has learned to hit back — lit'rally AND figuratively. Watch out, Lannisters! She's ready to pay some fucking debts.

1. But worst of all, any day she doesn't get a fucking lemon cake.

Sansa Suck Score: 10. Life has given Sansa a ton of lemons. The least it can do is make a few of those into lemon cakes.

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