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    This Male Model Is The Weekend Man Candy Of Your Dreams

    Good luck making it through this post with your ovaries or brovaries intact.

    Ladies and gentlemen of the internet, please let me introduce you to Justice Joslin.

    Yeah, this guy.

    Yes, his name really is Justice. And β€” surprise, surprise β€” he's a male model, hailing from the fine state of Tennessee.

    He is what scientists call "a perfect specimen" or as commoners say, a "10."

    Let's take a closer look, shall we?

    Another shot from GQ italia. Photo by john balsom

    Justice Joslin@JusticeJoslinFollow

    Another shot from GQ italia. Photo by john balsom

    1:01 AM - 07 Apr 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

    Justice's facial hair game is β€” dare I say it β€” fucking STRONG. Like, that is some MANLY facial hair going on there. The perfect amount, I would say.

    And oh yeah, he's hairy in all the right places, too.

    You could basically rock-climb his abs. WHOA.

    Justice's eyes can pierce right into your soul. Your soul feels pretty pierced now, doesn't it?

    He cleans up REAL nice. Like yeah, this would be the type of guy you could take home to mom. Although she might steal him for herself.

    She'll love that he is handy and can help out in the kitchen.


    And he can kick back and do the whole ~casual~ thing too.

    Perhaps most important, he plays the guitar. THE GUITAR.

    I mean, he even looks amazing in lederhosen. Happy Oktoberfest!

    And he doesn't make an ass of himself while holding a donkey. I mean, who can look that hot holding a DONKEY?

    *all of us just died.*


    Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

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