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This Is All The Krazy Stuff The Kardashian Ladies Have Been Up To This Week

Just try and keep up.

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It's Friday, so you know what that means. I've plopped myself in front of my computer to recap what the Kardashian-Jenner women have been up to this week. I do this for you, my GRATEFUL, LOYAL readers who ALWAYS have nice things to say about my work in the comments. OH WAIT. NVM.

This week, Kris stayed winning, Kim struggled with her Instagram (her Kimstagram?), and Caitlyn was even more problematic than usual.


I guess that could describe basically any week in the lives of this family but...just trust me on this.

As always, we'll be ranking these ladies' weeks from best to worst. Last week Kris came out on top, while Caitlyn finished dead last. But we have a new Kween to unveil this week! So, without further ado...

1. Kourtney Kardashian / Via @kourtneykardash

What she's been up to this week: Kourtney takes this week's crown from her mom because she literally went from one vacation (Nantucket) to another (Santa Barbara). IF ONLY WE COULD ALL BE AS UNBOTHERED. While she didn't post a vacay thirst trap like her mom, I'm LIVING for her glittery H&M tracksuit she wore to the airport. I normally just wear sweats and a T when I fly, but Kourtney? SHE IS LITERALLY GLOWING. Stay winning, Kourt.


2. Kris Jenner / Via @khloekardashian

What she's been up to this week: Kris is back from her European vacation, where she tore up the continent and enjoyed some time on Tommy Hilfiger's new yacht Flag. But before she left, she snapped a FIRE bikini selfie that Khloé shared on Instagram, and frankly I'm shook. Kris might be back in the U.S. and back to the grind of promoting her kids but her Great European Adventure of 2017 is something I won't ever forget.

3. Kendall Jenner / Via @kendalljenner

What she's been up to this week: OK so technically Kendall really wasn't up to ANYTHING this week, which by her standards counts as a win *COUGH PEPSI ADVERTISEMENT COUGH*. She saw Frank Ocean live, did some #SponCon for a toothpaste company (OF COURSE WE COULDN'T GET THROUGH A WEEK WITHOUT SOME KARDASHIAN-JENNER SPONCON), and that's pretty much it. GOOD JOB KENDALL.

4. Khloé Kardashian / Via @khloekardashian

What she's been up to this week: Really just hustlin' for that coin. Khloé posted a lot of promo for her Good American line. She gets bonus points here for posting the sexy snap of her mom with the hashtag #6KidsAndBad! Normally we love when Khloé drags KJ to hell and back but it was cute to see her support her mom for once.

5. Kim Kardashian / Via @kimkardashian

What she's been up to this week: Kim had the most bizarre week of the sisters, which places her somewhere in the middle of the pack. She posted a cry for help regarding her Instagram, saying, "I really need to step my insta page up" and asked fans if she should go back to one filter. Babe, you get like, a million likes for a selfie. You can do whatever the HELL you want. Then she posted the above selfie with North's dog, Sushi, and Kanye West accidentally photo-bombed it. Girl, you're leading a CHARMED existence.


6. Caitlyn Jenner / Via @caitlynjenner

What she's been up to this week: A week after publicly disparaging President Trump on Twitter for his ban of transgender members of the military, Caitlyn was spotted wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat while out driving. HOWEVER, she avoided a repeat week in the basement by posting three super cute dog pictures this week to her Instagram. A lesson we could all live by: More dog pictures, less problematic political stances.

7. Kylie Jenner


What she's been up to this week: Not-Minogue's reality show, Life of Kylie, premieres this weekend. In a preview clip for the show, we see her go to prom with a fan as a goodwill gesture/stunt for the show, and talks about why she didn’t get to go to her own prom: she was homeschooled. OK honestly I really just struggled to write that paragraph.

Alright, have a very blessed Kardashian-Jenner weekend and we'll see you again NEXT week. And if any of you even THINK about asking in the comments why we wrote another Kardashians articles, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD YOU CLICKED ON IT. KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.


Also a VERY special thank you to my new Twitter friend Jasmine who helped me crack what these women were up to this week! Give her a follow here.