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OMG, You Need To See This Dude's Ancestor Who Looks Like Matthew McConaughey

This old dude is all right, all right, all right!

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Sanders Parker of Chattanooga, Tennessee, posted this picture of his great-great-grandfather Dr. Andrew Sanders on Reddit earlier this week, and since then it's garnered more than a million views. I WONDER WHY...

Sanders Parker / Via

Hmmm, could it *POSSIBLY* be because Parker's great-great-grandfather looks *PRETTY* similar to a hunky Hollywood star?


Yup, Dr. Parker and Matthew McConaughey basically look like long-lost twin brothers. It's UNCANNY!

Parker told ABC News his sister pointed out the resemblance after seeing the photo, and he just "ran with it."

It's...just so perfect! Looking good, gents!


h/t ABC News.

BuzzFeed has reached out to Parker for comment.

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