28 Things You Need To Know About Robbie Rogers

    Fresh off of an MLS Cup win and the release of his new book Coming Out to Play, the soccer star visited BuzzFeed to talk fashion, ping-pong, and more!

    1. Even though he wrote a long public coming-out letter and now a book, he still considers one of his greatest weaknesses to be writing. "I have no confidence in myself as a writer," he said.

    2. But he considers his greatest strength to be "the personal side of business" and building relationships. "I've learned that I'm OK at that."

    3. The feeling of coming out to his family "was definitely better than anything I've had in my career."

    4. But winning the MLS Cup earlier this month with the Los Angeles Galaxy was a career highlight and "felt like everything [was] coming together in life," Rogers said.

    5. Rogers had won the championship with the Columbus Crew prior to coming out — in the same stadium, nonetheless — but this time, he said it was totally different. "I was able to celebrate, and cry, and laugh, and be happy with my family, and know exactly who I am, what I've gone through."

    6. Before writing Coming Out to Play, Rogers said the longest thing he's ever written was a 10-page paper his freshman year at the University of Maryland.

    7. His inspiration for writing the book was the reaction to his coming-out letter and "figuring out that I'm not the only gay person in the world, and a lot of people struggle with this stuff."

    8. Writing the book was "like a breakup," Rogers said. "I learned a lot about myself while I was writing it ... you learn a lot of things."

    9. The response has been the best part of writing. "Never in a million years did I think I was going to save someone's life by selfishly coming out to my family," Rogers said.

    10. If he wasn't a soccer player, Rogers says his dream job would be "a creative director at, like, Marni or something."

    11. After soccer, Ping-Pong is the sport he's best at.

    12. If you follow his Instagram, you might have figured this out, but Rogers is a dog person. Sorry, cats!

    13. Beyoncé or Taylor Swift? "I think someone else… I'm more of a Florence + the Machine kind of person. I get annoyed at both of them," he says.

    14. If he was casting the movie version of his life, he'd have Chris Pratt play himself. "You want to go grab a beer with him … He's a good-looking guy, but he doesn't try too hard. He's extremely funny," Rogers said.

    15. His favorite TV shows are House of Cards, True Detective, and Hannibal.

    16. Rogers says he "loves food" but his favorite meal is sushi. "But I could also have cheese and crackers, and some wine too."

    17. "[It's] tough" to pick a favorite clothing item, but it's a tie between a light brown suede Levi's jacket — "super old-school" — or green Saint Laurent shoes.

    18. Rogers' favorite accessory is a vintage Rolex watch (the one he wore to the interview).

    19. His necessary splurge? Shoes. "I always end up buying shoes, no matter what," he said.

    20. His biggest pet peeve is rudeness. "I can't stand when people are rude, or when people cuss for no reason," he said.

    21. But his most-valued trait in a friend? Honesty, "as in [they] can be up-front with you about things, but also if you tell them something they won't tell anyone."

    22. Rogers says he never leaves his house without his phone, "which is sad."

    23. But at the end of every year, he does a self-described "detox" where he doesn't go on social media for about a week. "It's really, really nice… It refreshes you," he said.

    24. He has some weird game day rituals: He puts his left sock on before the right, and the same for his shin guards.

    25. The weirdest spot he gets recognized by fans? Bathroom stalls. "They want to shake your hand… I just… and I don't know what you've done either," he said.

    26. How about the funniest celebrity encounter he's had? "I won't name names, but I think the funniest or the weirdest for me is when I find out someone is gay because they hit on me or congratulate me for whatever and are able to relate to my story, and I'm like 'Oh, you're gay? I've been watching you in movies forever,'" Rogers said.

    27. According to Rogers, he has "awful" gaydar.

    28. And in five years, Rogers guessed he will be "finishing his career and figuring out what to do with his life."

    Check out Coming Out To Play, in bookstores now!