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9 Heartfelt Emotions You Feel At A Demi Lovato Concert

Demi performed an intimate concert at the iHeartRadio Theater in Burbank, Calif. on Monday night. Here's what we felt.

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1. Passion

Kevin Winter / Getty Images for Clear Channel

Demi opened her set with "Heart Attack," the lead single off her album Demi. It was loud, got the tweens in the audience into a frenzy, and got the concert — which was broadcast live on Clear Channel radio stations and iHeartRadio's website — off to a banging start. And yes, she sang live. There was NO lip-syncing from the former X-Factor judge, because girlfriend has PIPES.

2. Independence

Kevin Winter / Getty Images for Clear Channel

Demi launched into "Really Don't Care" and "Fire Starter," both off of Demi, both of which gave off an empowering vibe, especially to an audience that skewed heavily younger and female.

One thing you also noticed pretty early on in the show is that Demi gave everyone in the audience attention. She was constantly moving back and forth on the small stage, and even sang to the two side balconies. In between songs she talked about how she has become “more comfortable on stage" during her Neon Lights Tour, and it definitely showed.

3. Chills

Kevin Winter / Getty Images for Clear Channel

Demi slowed things down wither her ballad "Skyscraper" from her third studio album Unbroken. After the high-energy performance of her previous three songs, a hush came over the theater as Demi knocked it out of the park.

4. Joy

Kevin Winter / Getty Images for Clear Channel

She turned things up a notch with her hit single "Give Your Heart A Break," which sent the young audience into a dancing, screaming frenzy. Keeping with her playful personality, she took someone's iPhone from the audience to take a selfie. Demi mentioned that during her tour, “the pranks backstage got out of hand.” At one point, she said she even took a pie to the face, courtesy of Dinah-Jane Hansen from Fifth Harmony.


5. Bliss

Kevin Winter / Getty Images for Clear Channel

Demi closed out the main portion of her set with her floor-stomping hit "Neon Lights," her most recent single. The EDM-tinged track brought down house — even the parents seemed to be having some fun — and the tween-heavy audience couldn't resist snapping away pictures on their iPhones.

6. Peace

Kevin Winter / Getty Images for Clear Channel

With the live broadcast version of her show finished, Demi then covered Ed Sheeran's "Give Me Love," followed by "Catch Me" and "Here We Go Again." The slow, soothing nature of all three songs was perfect to showcase her voice in the intimate theater.

8. Vulnerability

Kevin Winter / Getty Images for Clear Channel

For most of the set, Demi didn't engage much with the audience, preferring to jump right in to her next song. But toward the end of the evening, she opened up about her well-documented personal struggles.

“Every time that I tell [my story], I know that at least that at least one person is going to hear it that has never heard it before," she said.

Demi urged members of the audience to not be afraid and ask others to help with their personal struggles.

“That is what I did," she said. "I asked for help.”

She then slowed things down with "Warrior," an uplifting track that felt both empowering and raw.

9. Strength

Kevin Winter / Getty Images for Clear Channel

Demi sang her version of "Let It Go" from Disney's Frozen to close out the evening, and even the parents in the audience couldn't resist singing along with their tween-age brethren. The song is omnipresent, but hearing it live — and from such an accomplished artist — breathed some fresh life into the track.