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A Crazy Conspiracy Theory Alleges Katy Perry Is Actually JonBenét Ramsey

BRB, logging out of the internet forever.

There's a truly wild YouTube video from 2014 going viral that alleges pop star Katy Perry is ACTUALLY murder victim JonBenét Ramsey:

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In the seven-minute voiceover, the video alleges a vast conspiracy theory that JonBenét was never murdered in 1996 — it was actually an elaborate cover-up so she could eventually become a star.

The video, titled "'JonBenét Ramsey' is singer 'Katy Perry' - Parents give up the game. False Witness Death Liars," claims that:

— Katy Perry's parents are actually Patsy Ramsey and John Ramsey.

— They faked their daughter's death by strangulation.

— The cover-up was done so she could eventually become famous.

— Katy Perry's appearance is a clear indication she's just a grown-up JonBenét Ramsey.

— If you believe JonBenét actually died, you're a "false witness of death."

The video overlays images of JonBenét and her father onto Katy and her father to further the conspiracy theory.

YouTube is rife with other videos alleging Katy Perry isn't actually who she says she is, like this clip titled "JON BENET RAMSAY KATY PERRY VERY CLOSE."

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This video claims that:

— Katy's eyebrows are a clear indicator she is JonBenét.

— Other physical indicators are the bridge of the nose, the shape of the jaw, and the nose.

— The entire entertainment industry is a charade, and you "never know the truth."

However, it doesn't necessarily all add up — Perry is 31, while Ramsey would have turned 26 later this year.

Nevertheless, people have taken the bizarre theory and RUN with it, offering up even more conspiracy theories:

Buying INTO the conspiracy theory:

And of course, offering alternative conspiracy theories:

So...are you convinced?

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John Shearer / Getty Images
John Shearer / Getty Images

The a bizarre place.

H/T The Kernel, which took a deep dive into the Perry/Ramsey conspiracy theory last week.