24 Hilarious Moments Kevin, Stanley, Toby, And Oscar Were The Best Part Of "The Office"

    "Life is short. Drive fast and leave a sexy corpse."

    1. When Kevin asked this very valid question about desserts:

    2. When Michael had to try really hard to get Stanley's attention:

    3. When Toby was just looking out for Dunder-Mifflin employees, and Michael was having none of it:

    4. When Oscar was over the straights:

    5. When Kevin was living his best life:

    6. When we could all live by Stanley's life motto:

    7. When the expression on Toby's face said it all:

    8. When we all gay-gasped with Oscar:

    9. When Kevin brought up a very interesting part of his past:

    10. When Stanley was at his most Stanley:

    11. When Toby asked this question and we couldn't help but laugh:

    12. When Oscar was mostly horrified:

    13. When Stanley's glare was too good:

    14. When Toby had to give props to Michael:

    15. When Oscar got paid time off for being outed:

    16. When we realized we wouldn't want our lives in Kevin's hands:

    17. When Stanley shared his hopes and dreams with us:

    18. When Oscar talked about why Dunder-Mifflin was in disarray:

    19. When Kevin was (rightfully) mad:

    20. When Stanley came for Michael:

    21. When Toby explained why roommates are better than friends:

    22. When Oscar had to relive his past:

    23. When Toby didn't even know where to begin:

    24. And finally, who could forget Kevin's Famous Chili?: