The 23 Worst Parts Of Studying Abroad In Europe

Studying abroad isn’t all fun and games.If you can survive a semester in Europe, you can survive anything.

1. Filling out the paperwork beforehand

So. Many. Forms.

2. Trying to understand foreign languages

It doesn’t make any sense!

3. Packing

50 lb. weight limit? HA!

4. Hang-drying your clothes

What is this, Colonial Williamsburg?

5. Figuring out a phone plan

6. Good luck watching your favorite TV shows

The struggle is real.

7. Having to pay to use the bathroom

But you have to go SO bad.

8. Men cat-calling you on the street

9. The bread on the table: NOT FREE

But you eat it anyway.

10. Flying on budget airlines

Do these planes even fly?

11. Trying to figure out the metro system

12. As an American, you stick out like a sore thumb

You’re not in Kansas anymore.

13. The exchange rate sucks

Your wallet is going to HATE you.

14. Trying to care about the “study” part

Classes? What classes?

15. No peanut butter

Sometimes Nutella just isn’t going to cut it.

16. Sightseeing while hungover

The worst.

17. Realizing what a bidet is

18. Trying to run errands during siesta

Not gonna happen.

19. Walking on cobblestone

Have a nice trip, see you next fall!

20. Travelling is exhausting

21. When public transportation workers go on strike

22. Walking through tourist groups

23. Realizing despite all this, you’re going to miss it when you’re done.

Best. Semester. EVER.

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