The 20 Pictures You Take When You Study Abroad In Europe

    You think you're going to fool your family and friends back home you are experiencing the culture of Europe. Well I've got news for you: You aren't fooling anyone. We all know study abroad is a semester worth of eating and drinking your way across the continent.

    1. Inside a telephone booth in London

    2. Drinking Guinness in Dublin

    3. Getting groovy in front of the John Lennon Wall in Prague

    4. Holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa

    Seriously, everyone is doing it

    5. At Sensation White

    6. Getting spiritual at the Vatican

    7. With all your "friends" at Oktoberfest

    8. Doing the Eiffel Tower ... in front of the Eiffel Tower

    9. At all the soccer ... err, "football" ... matches you went to

    10. Acting weird around the Queen's Guard

    11. Selfie with the Mona Lisa

    12. Eating pizza in Italy

    13. ... And eating gelato in Italy

    14. Trying to figure out what the hell Stonehenge is

    15. Getting romantic on a gondola in Venice

    16. Pretending you aren't a Muggle at Platform 9 3/4

    17. With the creepy old foreign guy at the bar

    18. Channeling your inner Lizzie McGuire inside the Colosseum

    19. Literally anytime you eat anything "gourmet"

    20. In general, having the time of your life with your friends, one member of the EU at a time.