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A Teenager Dressed Me For A Week And It Actually Was Awesome

Kids these days...

Everyone knows teenagers are society's tastemakers — they decide what is or isn't cool, and that is no more apparent than with fashion. I mean, just look at Willow and Jaden Smith at this year's Met Gala:

Then there's me: I'm 25, and while I'm no slob by any means, I doubt any of my outfits would earn Anna Wintour's nod of approval.

But what if I, a decided non-teen, were to dress like a teen for a week? While I didn't have access to Willow or Jaden (or even Kylie Jenner, who's too busy brewing up lip kits in Calabasas), I DID have a teen of my very own: my 19-year-old sister, Grace.

Why Grace chose this outfit: JOGGERS!!! The hype is real for the joggers, and everyone is wearing them. I also made him wear Nike because even though everyone is low-key going through an Adidas craze, you can’t forget where you came from. [Editor's note: I think I just got roasted by a teenager.] Wearing some bright colors to the gym is fun as long as it’s not too crazy, which is why I paired with black shorts (shorter cut because thigh is really in).

Sam's thoughts on this outfit: This outfit clued me into something fascinating: Teenage clothing choices aren't *that* different from adults' — they just prioritize different things. All of these outfits are something I could see myself wearing, but this outfit was the closest to something I would choose on my own, and I don't want to really go back to dressing like an ADULT. That being said, I don't remember this much thought going in to my gym outfits in high school. Teens are savage, y'all.