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Taylor Swift Is On An Insane Vacation, But Also Reminded Us About Her Boyfriend's REAL Name

"Please welcome to my gorgeous boyfriend...Adam Wiles!"

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Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are that couple you see scrolling through Facebook and become insanely jealous of their relationship. But you can't hate them, because they're perfect for each other and totally in love.

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Meanwhile, you're eating Ben & Jerry's alone on your couch with only the glow of your laptop illuminating your dark soul.

They're doing totally normal celebrity-on-vacation things, like channeling their inner Little Mermaids...

Maybe Katy Perry is playing the role of Ursula, and she stole Taylor's voice? Just kidding, she only just took some of her backup dancers.


Oh, and they're DEFINITELY in love because Taylor posted this picture of them kissing...and her LEG is popping, so you know it's real.

But who took this picture? Selena Gomez? Lorde? One of the Haim sisters? TAYLOR, WE NEED ANSWERS.