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    Literally Just 28 Pictures That All Swimmers Will Find Hilarious

    The wetter the better.

    1. This way-too-accurate pun:

    2. When you're gasping for air on the wall:

    3. Your face when you're doing underwater 25s:

    4. When you just can't seem to stay on the interval:

    5. But this is your face when someone is swimming up your ass:

    6. Or when you make contact during a pull set:

    7. Your non-swimmer friends who just don't get your lifestyle:

    8. When you think you're done with a rough set but you're so, so wrong:

    9. When you act upset in front of your coach when you have to end a set early:

    10. When you try to act brave before swimming this event:

    11. This, because the struggle is so, so real:

    12. Trying to hop into the pool before a meet like:

    13. When you do this and have to make sure your coach doesn't catch you in the act:

    14. When you realize your hair is ALWAYS going to be like that:

    15. Waiting, waiting, waiting:

    16. Being a freestyler and realizing your teammates can't keep their hands to themselves:

    17. Your coach DEFINITELY looks like this during the summer:

    18. The marks that never, ever go away:

    19. And when they're on, things aren't much better:

    20. Trying to do math WHILE swimming like:

    21. When you're swimming in a lake or an ocean just WAITING for a shark like:

    22. Doing dryland like:

    23. Pretending your a mermaid or sea creature while you're warming down:

    24. What you permanently smell like:

    25. The most excruciating pain ever:

    26. Trying to reason with your coach at the end of practice:

    27. Basically your uniform when you go to class after practice:

    28. And finally, the fact that your stomach is basically a bottomless pit:

    h/t @swimmingstuff, @iswimwithissues, and @skillsntalents