24 Snapchats That Are Way More Clever Than You

    Bend and Snapchat!

    1. This good, clean fun Snapchat.

    2. This super "fancy" Snapchat.

    3. This Snapchat, with a well-seasoned pun.

    4. And this Snapchat, which spices up herb puns even more.

    5. This sassy art history Snapchat.

    6. This Snapchat, which will only make sense if you paid attention in science class.

    7. This Snapchat, which proves leaving the oven on has been a problem for generations.

    8. This Snapchat of the coolest teacher EVER.

    9. This Snapchat from someone who has read The Fault In Our Stars one too many times.

    10. And this Snapchat, which proves magic is everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

    11. This art history Snapchat, which knows the struggle is too real.

    12. This fashion-forward Snapchat.

    13. This Snapchat from a future NASA employee.

    14. This Snapchat, which proves being single is truly a science.

    15. This Snapchat from a proud iPhone user.

    16. This Snapchat, which may take things a little too literally.

    17. This Snapchat, for all of you geography buffs out there.

    18. And this Snapchat that all history buffs will be cackling over.

    19. This Snapchat, which is the laziest in history.

    20. And this Snapchat, taken by someone who had been on one too many bad dates.

    21. This art history Snapchat, proving that connecting to the wifi is a timeless struggle.

    22. This Snapchat, which just schooled all the other Snapchats.

    23. This Snapchat, captured by the most self-confident of photographers.

    24. And this Snapchat that all single people will relate to.