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    18 Times Starbucks Screwed Up Names So Hard It Was Almost Perfect

    These are amazing.

    1. When Jay Lee became Jelly:

    2. And Heath became Treef:

    3. When Melissa became Milsa:

    4. When Denisse became Teness (this one made me actually LOL):

    5. When Ayuni became I-U-E:

    6. When Blake became whatever this is (and that's not even to mention the handwriting):

    7. When Pierre became Biyr:

    8. When Bennie became Melin (honestly HOW?!):

    9. When Harry became Pehrry:

    10. When Susan became Suezan:

    11. When Sylvia became Celia:

    12. When Whitney became Wendy, but at least the penmanship was nice:

    13. When Meredith became Maridth:

    14. When Reshma became Burashalaa (IDK how this even happened):

    15. When Hillary became...this:

    16. When Gareth became Karrots (OK this is pretty funny):

    17. When Sydney became Sitny:

    18. And finally, when Eva became Ifwa: