Swimmers Actually Found A Way To Swim During The Blizzard And It’s Kind Of Adorable

The cold never bothered swimmers anyway.

1. ICYMI, the East Coast was SLAMMED this weekend by Winter Storm Jonas…and there was a LOT of snow.

Nicholas Kamm / AFP / Getty Images

2. For most people, that meant building snowmen and drinking hot chocolate. But for swimmers, that meant taking practice outdoors.

3. The snow was SO DEEP that swimmers took to social media to share videos of “snow swimming.”

4. First, they’d line up like it was a normal race…

5. …then they’d dive right in…

6. …and then they’d start “swimming.”

7. After all, if you’re an athlete, it’s not a snow day off, it’s a #sNOwDAYSOFF

sNOwdaysoff🏊🏼💪🏼😤 #sNOwdaysoff @SwimWithIssues @SwimOutlet @USASwimming @SwimmingWorld @iSwimShop

— erin♛ (@ErinHogge)

8. Is anyone else getting cold just watching these?

@swimswamnews No days off for West Virginia swimming. #BIGXIIReady

— Chris McMahon (@christopher_mcm)

9. Basically, this is every swimmer during Winter Storm Jonas:


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