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Swimmers Actually Found A Way To Swim During The Blizzard And It's Kind Of Adorable

The cold never bothered swimmers anyway.

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For most people, that meant building snowmen and drinking hot chocolate. But for swimmers, that meant taking practice outdoors.

@SwimWithIssues no days off 🏊🏼🏊🏼


The snow was SO DEEP that swimmers took to social media to share videos of "snow swimming."

No days off 💪🏻🏊🏼 #snowswimming

First, they'd line up like it was a normal race...

RT @UDSwim_Dive: Getting some work in today, because @UpperDarbySD is closed tomorrow! @SwimmingWorld @PASwimming

...then they'd dive right in...

I may need to work on my start before states🙂 #snowswimming #nodaysoff

...and then they'd start "swimming."

After all, if you're an athlete, it's not a snow day off, it's a #sNOwDAYSOFF ❄️⛄️🏊

sNOwdaysoff🏊🏼💪🏼😤 #sNOwdaysoff @SwimWithIssues @SwimOutlet @USASwimming @SwimmingWorld @iSwimShop

Is anyone else getting cold just watching these?

@swimswamnews No days off for West Virginia swimming. #BIGXIIReady


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