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    22 Signs You're The Single One In Your Friend Group

    One is the only number that you'll ever do.

    1. Your friends in relationships serve as a constant reminder of how truly single you are.

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    2. Their PDA also drives you INSANE.


    3. Like, your friends act like you aren't there, STICKING THEIR TONGUES DOWN EACH OTHERS' THROATS.

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    4. Being the single one sometimes means you feel like the outsider of an inside joke.

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    5. And as much as you love your friends, you question why it's them and not you who is in a relationship.

    6. Sometimes, you feel left out if your friends go out on a group date because you're always ~ flying solo ~.

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    7. If you ARE invited to group dates, it just feels so, so wrong.

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    8. And it is complete and utter misery when your friends take pity on you and let you third-wheel their date.

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    9. Sometimes, you feel like a failure because everyone else is in a relationship and you're not.

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    10. Your friends have probably tried to set you up with someone they know who is "perfect for you."

    11. But really, it seemed like they were just trying to torture you.

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    12. Sometimes, you feel like your presence is literally cockblocking your friends.

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    13. Your mom asks you why you're not in a relationship like your friends.

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    14. It drives you INSANE when your friends start talking about getting married.

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    15. When they do actually start to get engaged and married, it totally freaks you out.

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    16. Even worse is when they talk about having kids.

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    17. You frequently find yourself justifying why you are single to your friends, even though you shouldn't have to.

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    18. You are SO over seeing all of their couples pics on Instagram and Facebook.

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    19. Your friends will probably try to give you relationship advice...

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    20. ... and will try to console you and tell you that, "You'll find the one," or "It will happen when you least expect it."

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    21. Also, you really don't want their pity, because you're doing just fine, thank you very much.

    22. That's because you're a hot piece of ass and you should just keep on living the single lifestyle for as long as it pleases you!

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