26 Insane "Veep" Insults We're Still Laughing At

    "Right now you're about as toxic as a urinal cake in Chernobyl."

    1. When Selina laid out this epic food-themed burn:

    2. When Selina shot down Mike pretty damn hard:

    3. When Amy was all about spelling:

    4. When Selina told Jonah off in the most epic way possible:

    5. When Sue delivered this one-sided shutdown:

    6. When Amy let it be known she wasn't a fan of Gary's communication skills:

    7. When Selina was just trying to protect her skin from Gary:

    8. When Amy did not like the fact Jonah compared himself to Michael Jordan:

    9. When Selina was just looking to relieve herself during her visit to a startup:

    10. When Amy didn't need to burn Dan IRL:

    11. When Selina delivered this epic grocery-themed slam:

    12. When Selina wasn't shy about sharing her opinion on her daughter's hair:

    13. This epic burn which was so good it left Jonah speechless:

    14. When Selina destroyed the patriarchy:

    15. When Amy sort of burned herself when she snapped out:

    16. When Selina went subtle with this burn:

    17. When Dan didn't hold back:

    18. When even a portrait of Martin Van Buren couldn't escape Selina's wrath:

    19. When Amy was literally sick of Mike's shit:

    20. When Ben went grandiose and insulted generations of American politicians:

    21. When Jonah scorched himself, and was pretty damn good at it:

    22. When Selina wasn't too supportive of her daughter's attempt at making a documentary:

    23. Selina's first burn regarding Chinese hackers, first directed at the White House wifi:

    24. Then Selina's second Chinese hacker-inspired burn, this time directed at her staff:

    25. And Selina's third Chinese hacker burn, directed at...pretty much everyone:

    26. Finally, Selina burning most of the American electorate: