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    Sia Without Her Wig Is Stunning! Gorgeous! A Legend!

    A true beauty inside and out.

    You may know Sia as the TRULY iconic singer-songwriter who's as well known for her stunning voice as her eclectic variety of wigs.

    Seriously, she's a wig goddess.

    She's got one for every occasion. Sometimes she even has a spare for her friends, like Maddie Ziegler.

    But on Wednesday, the Australian pop star snuck out of Beyoncé's basement sans-hairpiece and looked ETHEREAL. GLOWING. STUNNING. AMAZEBALLS. TRANSCENDENT. I'M RUNNING OUT OF ADJECTIVES BUT YOU GET THE PICTURE.

    Seriously, how good does she look? A true goddess!

    Here's some side-by-side, Sia-by-Sia action for you, just so you get the full picture.

    Looking top-notch, our queen of vocals! Now we just need a new album from you...