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    13 Disconcerting Things That Happen When Your Name Is Sam

    Sam We Am.

    1. First of all, people ALWAYS ask you if your name is short for something.


    It probably is! Samuel or Samantha. BUT CALL ME SAM, PLEASE.

    2. Also, people love to call you "Sammy" like it's cute or something. It's not.


    Unless you like being called Sammy, which is totally cool! Your choice.

    3. In addition to being a sometimes-annoying nickname, "Sammy" is also slang for a sandwich. Which is just plain rude.


    But we still love sandwiches.

    4. It was TERRIFYING when you were a kid and your parents called out your full name because you were in trouble. "SAMUEL" and "SAMANTHA" just sound scarier!

    Comedy Central


    5. If you're a guy, you've probably been teased and called "Samantha" as if that's derogatory or something.


    It isn't. Samanthas are awesome AF.

    6. And if you're a girl, someone has DEFINITELY been surprised when they first met you and found out you were a lady. "I thought you would be a guy," they said.

    Comedy Central


    7. You've probably heard every Green Eggs and Ham joke there is.


    I do not like these jokes, Sam I am!

    8. And Uncle Sam humor? Plenty of that, too.

    Mpi / Getty Images

    But patriotism is always in style.

    9. Sadly, quite possibly the two most famous Sams out there are both birds: Toucan Sam and Sam the Eagle.

    The Jim Henson Company

    So go out there and make a name for yourself. You know, aside from Sam.

    10. And the most famous female Sam is probably a fictional character — Samantha Jones, from Sex and the City. But she holds her own.


    Where my female Sams at?!?!

    11. Then there's the most famous Sam of them all, Samuel L. Jackson. How are we supposed to live up to his lofty standards for the name?!?


    It's so damn hard.

    12. Worst of all, when you're named Sam, you have sky-high expectations from birth, because your name LITERALLY means "asked of God."


    Don't screw it up!

    13. So basically, you have to take over the world to be a successful Sam. But you know what...WE'RE MORE THAN READY FOR IT.


    Bring it on, non-Sams. We can take you!

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