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Literally Just 16 Hilarious Tweets About Being A Sagittarius

It's Sagittarius season!

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1. Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come.

it's sagittarius season so you know i'm down to go out and fuck my life up

2. It's about to get lit.

Don't let the mainstream media distract you from the fact it's Sagittarius season.

4. Admit it — you're not afraid to speak your minds, even when you know you shouldn't.

Sagittarius self improvement mantra: Gonna keep my opinions to myself. Gonna stay in my lane. I'm not always right…


5. And you're perfectly OK just hanging out by yourself.

Any sign: I just want you to be happy in life Sagittarius: Ok. Pay off my loans, buy me a BMW & die leaving me everything.

6. And you're not always the best at expressing your emotions.

me: i think i'm falling for you sagittarius:



Me: "I'm looking for someone who will be petty about the smallest things in life." Sagittarius:

12. Sorry not sorry!

Internal Sagittarius monologue passing an ex on the street: you look even cheaper than before.


13. And you *KNOW* this is totally you when you're hanging with friends.

Sagittarius: do you think this looks good on me any sign: actually it.. Sagittarius: I just decided I don't care what you think don't finish

15. So to all the other signs, you can say, "Don't hate us 'cause you ain't us!"

Sagittarius: I'm glamorous, I'm smart, I have a bad attitude a lot of the time. What could go wrong?

16. Sagittarii can't help being the best!