21 Reasons Robyn Is The Swedish Goddess Of Pop Music

Call your girlfriends, it’s time we have the talk.

This is Robyn. She’s a Swedish pop star. She’s undisputed POP ROYALTY. But instead of a crown, she has fabulous blonde hair.

I mean, she’s been around since the ’90s, so ~sorry~ if you haven’t heard of her until now. But you can fix that!

1. First of all, crank her jam, “Do It Again.” It’s a collab with Röyksopp, a Norwegian electronic duo, and it just came out so it’s pretty much THE summer anthem of badass kids everywhere.

2. She’s Swedish, so by default she is cooler than ANYONE.

Unless you too are Swedish.

3. She’s damn proud of being a feminist, as she should be.

Don´t be afraid of calling yourself a feminist if you are one.

— Robyn (@robynkonichiwa)

Feminism is a movement that has it´s roots in the idea that the people with no voice in society need to be protected.

— Robyn (@robynkonichiwa)

Be proud to call yourself a feminist today and every day.

— Robyn (@robynkonichiwa)

4. Seriously, ~GIRL POWER~.

5. Robyn is all about GETTING. UR. GROOVE. ON.

shake your body baby

— Robyn (@robynkonichiwa)

6. She’s also freaking hilarious.

7. She’s basically the ~uNiQuE~ pop icon you’ve always dreamed of.

8. She’s quirky and you never really know what is going to come out of her mouth.

9. No one has better pants in their closet than Robyn. NO ONE.

Mike Coppola / Getty Images

10. Her shoe game is also ON POINT.

Sandy Young / Getty Images

11. SRSLY. Check. Out. Dem. Pants. And. Shoes.

Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images

12. And don’t even get me STARTED on her hair.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

13. 4 real tho, Robyn’s hair is always FLAWLESS.

14. Come to think of it, she’s a veritable fashion ICON. From head…

…to toe.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

15. Her Instagram is also chock-full of clothing items you never even knew you needed.

Wave your flag LOUD and PROUD.

16. She gives a killer live performance. Like, she REALLY gets into her music.

17. That’s because her dance moves are fly as hell.

Robyn VEVO / Via giphy.com

Like, IDK what she’s even doing here. But it is AMAZING.

Robyn VEVO / Via robyngifs.tumblr.com

18. And Robyn’s lyrics hit the three R’s: They are ~real~ and ~raw~ and ~relatable~.

Robyn VEVO / Via buzzworthy.mtv.com

19. Her CLASSIC jam “Dancing On My Own” was featured in an iconic scene in the first season of Girls.



20. You also should add her anthem “Call Your Girlfriend” to your playlist, because you’ll be singing along till your voice is sore.

21. And like any true pop starlet, her music videos are inspired and bonkers.

Robyn VEVO / Via alexlaughs.com

Like, to call them “amazing” is the understatement of the century.

Lonely Island VEVO / Via alexlaughs.com

So in short…

Lonely Island VEVO / Via robyngifs.tumblr.com

Bow down to the Swedish Queen/Goddess/Empress of Pop Music Herself, Miss Robyn.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images



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