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    People Are Losing It Because It Looks Like Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston Split

    Keep calm and don't marry Tom.

    ICYMI, it looks like pop star/lawsuit enthusiast Taylor Swift and handsome British man Tom Hiddleston have split after three months of dating (and potentially filming a secret music video).

    Naturally, people on the internet had a field day with the news.

    1. Some mourned the loss of their relationship:

    The letters are already fading from his shirt

    2. While some questioned the validity of the relationship to begin with:

    As they say: It's better to have fake-loved Tom Hiddleston and lost, then to never have loved Tom Hiddleston at all.

    3. Like, people *really* aren't sure they were actually dating to begin with:

    taylor swift's imaginary relationship with tom hiddleston may be over but MY imaginary relationship with tom hiddleston is stillGOING STRONG

    4. Not at all:

    Taylor Swift seems like she has more fun in fake relationships than I do in 75% of my real relationships

    5. Oh well!

    If Taylor and Tom can't make it work, no, that's fine

    6. Then people imagined the actual breakup scenario:

    Tom was Hiddlestunned to hear the news

    7. Imagine if THIS actually happened:

    Tom Hiddleston must have been so crushed when he got the breakup text from Taylor Swift's publicist.

    8. Oh, and puns were made:

    looks like taylor swift and tom hiddleston should have been a bit more loki about their relationship

    9. Lots of puns:

    Taylor Swift announces forthcoming album, “Thor Loser.”

    10. Actually, is there such a thing as TOO MANY puns?

    So, when Taylor Swift’s next song is, “I Hate You, Low Key” we know who she’s talking about...

    11. Hmmm, an idea for new music perhaps?

    ohhh i was wondering who taylor swift's new song "you played a god (and then you played me)" was about

    12. People speculated about whom Taylor might date next:

    maybe Taylor Swift should date and break up with CLIMATE CHANGE so we can care about saving polar bears

    13. This important question was asked:

    Do you think Taylor Swift listens to Adele after a breakup too?

    14. Some of us realized we can just go back to calling them their normal names:

    i legit forgot that his real last name isn't hiddleswift

    15. Because really, "Hiddleswift" was SUCH an awkward couple's name, right?

    Better luck in love next time, you two!