23 Reasons Maleficent Is The Most Badass Disney Villain

You do not want to mess with the Mistress of All Evil.

1. First of all, she enters Sleeping Beauty like the total boss she is.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via pandawhale.com

2. Initially, when she hears she wasn’t invited to Aurora’s christening, she plays it cool.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via maleficentappreciation.tumblr.com

3. Yeah, she may be the Mistress of Evil, but she seems nice, right?

Walt Disney Pictures / Via apricotedits.tumblr.com

4. Wait a second, this is starting to sound like a curse…

Walt Disney Pictures / Via apricotedits.tumblr.com

5. Yup, she just promised to kill Aurora BECAUSE SHE WASN’T INVITED TO A PARTY.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via apricotedits.tumblr.com

6. She holds off an entire battalion with a sassy hand gesture.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via reddit.com

7. She can get a little cantankerous. But that’s because she’s a badass and everyone else around her really is a fool.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via disneysdreamings.tumblr.com

8. If you thought Maleficent was going to waste time on some silly song-and-dance numbers like other Disney villains, think again. Girl has an evil plot to see through!

Walt Disney Pictures / Via extmovie.com

9. Like any true villain, her eyebrow game is ON POINT.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via disneygoesevil.tumblr.com

10. Maleficent also gives the fiercest side-eye, the signature move of villains everywhere.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via reddit.com

11. She has the whole “evil smile” thing down pat.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via reddit.com

12. Just look at her, cackling away with that perfect malicious grin.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via winterinside.tumblr.com

13. And check out her evil throne. All real villains have an evil throne.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via imgur.com

14. Also, her castle just looks nefarious. Crumbling floor and collapsing columns? “Whatever,” says Maleficent.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via imgur.com

15. She’ll even enchant household objects to be dangerous. She’s like a murderous Martha Stewart.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via yeah-disneygeek.tumblr.com

16. Boy, does Maleficent hold a grudge. Sixteen years later and she’s STILL pissed about not getting invited to that party.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via whiteangelxoxo.tumblr.com

17. If anything, she might be a little too aware of how wicked she is.

Walt Disney Pictures

Walt Disney Pictures


18. Maleficent delivers one of the most epic burns of all time.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via disneymoviesandfacts.tumblr.com

The Sparknotes version: “Prince Phillip, you’re going to become a crusty old man before you can see your true love again.”

19. When it comes to casting evil spells, Maleficent is a surefire Hall of Famer.

Walt Disney Pictures

Walt Disney Pictures


20. When she’s around, the forecast calls for cloudy with a chance of imminent doom.

Walt Disney Pictures

Walt Disney Pictures


21. And for her greatest trick yet: She can transform into a dragon. A huge-ass dragon.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via jasmineskyeeee.tumblr.com


Walt Disney Pictures / Via mrhankey.tumblr.com

23. If this happened in real life, Maleficent would eat Prince Phillip for dinner and think nothing of it.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via maryjesu.tumblr.com

Maleficent is rotten to the core, and we love her for it. Throw your hands up, girl.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via jolieing.tumblr.com

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