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21 Times Ina Garten Was More Iconic Than Anyone On Instagram


Everyone knows Ina Garten, aka the Barefoot Contessa, isn't just a talented chef. She's TV royalty, the baddest bitch on the Food Network, and most important of all, a gay ICON.

But what you may not know is she shares tidbits of her fabulous life with us peasants on her EPIC Instagram account. And taking a look at it will have you feeling like this:

1. SRSLY. Ina just casually dropped a picture of a mouthwatering turkey for her first post. Mine was a picture of my college campus with a shitty filter.

2. Oh look, she saw Taylor Swift in concert and had such good seats she probably got sprayed with the pop star's saliva!

3. The most iconic chick in the game is gracious enough to take selfies with Taylor in her free time, too.

4. And before Taylor Swift was collecting celeb friends like it was going out of style, Ina Garten was the leader of the OG bad girls' club. Here's a cute pic of her posing with Idina Menzel. You know, from Frozen.

5. She hangs out with the Sesame Street crew too. And you KNOW she totally kicked Elmo out of the middle of this picture because SHE needs to be the center of attention.

6. And Cher, Madonna, and Gaga can step aside. Because when it comes to gay icons, Ina (Miss Contessa IF YA NAZTY) owns that throne, as NPH and his hubby can attest to.

7. But the fun doesn't stop there! Your day at the office probably consists of eight-plus mindless hours in a cubicle. Ina, on the other hand, gets hammered while taste-testing jalapeño margaritas.

8. Seriously, this woman knows how to drink. And none of that bottom-shelf stuff! SHE AIN'T SANDRA LEE, THAT'S FOR DAMN SURE.

9. Like any true class act, Ina can pull herself away from the bottle for JUST long enough to snap some cute family shots. My guess is her reward to herself for posing for this pic was a flute of Dom.

10. Ina also isn't above posing with struggling chefs who could benefit with being associated with the Barefoot Contessa, like Wolfgang Puck.

11. Seriously, who is this cook posing with Ina? She's lucky the Barefoot Contessa is willing to help those less fortunate than her.

12. Oh, and we NEED to talk about how Ina parades her man-candy hubby Jeffrey around to let all of us know the ~romance~ is still alive.

13. Seriously, look at that naughty grin on his face. YOU KNOW SOMETHING IS GOING DOWN AFTER DINNER.

14. Of course, there's food. LOT'S AND LOTS OF FOOD. She's got an AMAZING picture of her signature flag cake that foolish plebes try to replicate every 4th of July. Basics, THIS is how it is done!!!

15. But the good eats don't end there! While you're munching on your sad sandwich, Ina is taste-testing bites like this...

16. ...and THIS glorious gift to the culinary world!

17. To spice things up from her life of gorgeous men, sumptuous eats, celebrity pals, and endless booze, she'll occasionally post snaps like the prank she pulled for April Fools Day: KALE CUPCAKES.

18. Or ~candids~ like this where she actually looks like she could roll onto any red carpet.

19. That being said, this is the Barefoot Contessa we're talking about, so it won't be long before she's back to her usual antics of posting pics of yummy treats...

20. ...and STRONG drinks.

21. But most important of all, while you're posting pimply high school pictures for #TBT, Ina casually drops gems like this that prove she has ALWAYS been a flawless queen.