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    24 Times Polar Bears Were The Party Animals Of The Animal Kingdom

    Snow doubt, these guys know how to turn up.

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    1. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a polar bear. Wait, turn around. TURN. AROUND.

    JOERG KOCH/AFP / Getty Images

    2. Polar bears are like regular bears, except they have white fur, live in the Arctic, and always act like they're the drunkest kid at the party.

    CHRISTOF STACHE/AFP / Getty Images

    3. Like, this polar bear looks like it took one too many shots of tequila.

    CHRISTOF STACHE/AFP / Getty Images

    4. "Oh hot damn look at my party hat!"

    AP Photo/dpa, Sven Hoppe

    5. Sit down, polar bear. You're drunk.

    isifa / Getty Images

    6. This is what happens when you try to open Christmas presents after having too many glasses of spiked cider at dinner.

    Agencja Gazeta / Reuters

    7. ~I whip my hair back and forth I whip my hair back and forth.~

    Alexander Demianchuk / Reuters

    8. Drunk. Just so drunk.

    Zoo Berlin via Getty Images

    9. Then you act all cute, because you're trying to impress your crush.

    RADEK MICA/AFP / Getty Images

    10. "Hey there, ~good-lookin~."

    AFP / Getty Images JOHN MACDOUGALL

    11. DRUNK IN LOVE:

    Alexandra Beier / Stringer

    12. Or you see your crush talking to someone else, and you start to feel sassy.

    Alexandra Beier / Stringer

    13. And then someone shades you and your gang and all you can do is just glare back at them.

    Alexandra Beier / Getty Images

    14. "Guys it's OK... let's just go to another bar."

    Alexandra Beier / Getty Images

    15. Don't try to recreate the "Wrecking Ball" music video, polar bear. DON'T.

    CHRISTOF STACHE/AFP / Getty Images

    16. When you slip and fall walking out of the club because you're a lil ~tipsy~.

    Alexandra Beier / Getty Images

    17. You're hammered and you just NEED a slice of pizza to survive. NEED.

    VASILY MAXIMOV/AFP / Getty Images

    18. But it's time to go home. You're drunk and just need to take an Uber home even though there's surge pricing.

    Zoo Stuttgart Wilhelma via Getty Images

    19. "Just take me home!!!"

    Zoo Stuttgart Wilhelma via Getty Images

    20. You get home after a LONG night and collapse onto your bed.

    Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

    21. But you wake up and realize you left your tab open and your credit card at the bar.

    JOHN MACDOUGALL/AFP / Getty Images

    22. Then you realize how hungover you are.

    Sean Gallup / Getty Images

    23. "HOW MUCH did I have to drink last night?!?!"

    OLIVER BERG/AFP / Getty Images

    24. "We're never drinking again."

    AFP / Getty Images ANDREY SMIRNOV

    "Until tomorrow night, at least."

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