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26 Pictures That Are A Little Too Real For Swimmers

Is it me, or does it smell like chlorine in here?

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1. How you set your alarm, compared to how normal people set their alarm:

2. Pretty much the greatest feeling in the world:

3. Whenever your friends ask you to hang out:

4. Ugh, this one is a little TOO true:

5. And when your coach puts a distance stroke set on the board:

6. When football players say swimming "isn't a real sport":

When someone says swimming is not a sport:

7. Also, this one, for all the lady swimmers:

8. This catastrophe happening right before a race:

9. When you didn't see anyone else finish the race, and you check the scoreboard:

10. What happens when you put on your goggles:

11. When you get back from vacation:

12. Just this problem that happens during the summer:

13. That feeling when you get back home from practice before anyone else has even woken up:

14. Or maybe this might be more accurate:

15. This one, for all those people who don't think swimming is a contact sport:

17. Yeah, this about sums it up:

18. Basically EVERY time you hop into the pool:

19. Yup, sounds about right:

20. When you're gearing up for a big meet:

21. When you have a LONG-ASS main set:

22. Basically, what you think about after a long afternoon practice:

23. This play on words, which makes WAY too much sense to anyone who's swam the 200 fly:

24. How you feel when you are SO done with the other swimmers in your lane:

25. When you take your goggles off: