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24 Pictures That Will Make Way Too Much Sense To Runners

Lace up those sneakers!

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1. When you know you need to go for a run, but just want to stay on your couch:

2. When every day is technically leg day, and this happens:

3. When you're trying to make a long run go by faster:

4. When your stomach is rumbling before a race, but you don't want to tempt fate:

5. What it really feels like to run a marathon:

6. When your friends just don't get your obsession with running:

7. Also, all these questions your non-running friends pose you:

8. When the front of the pack at a race is just anarchy:

9. When your passion for running just doesn't make any sense:

10. When you're trying to tell yourself you don't need to stop for water:

11. When you make a stealth move during the middle of a race:

12. When you take two rest days in a row and can't wait to put your sneakers back on:

13. When you can't spell "disgruntled" without "run":

14. When you break out your new kicks, and tragedy strikes:

15. When there never REALLY is a day off from running:

16. And the cold never bothered you anyway...or at least, that's what you tell yourself:

17. When your entire body just doesn't want to cooperate with you:

18. When you're nearing the finish line, and you have to kick it into overdrive:

19. When your friends want to hang out but nope, you've got faster things to do:

20. When you finally find your soulmate:

21. When the shoes don't maketh the runner:

22. When it's just easier to admire how fast someone is instead of playing catch-up:

23. When you give it your all, but you just want cheese fries after the end of a run:

24. And most important of all, despite the literal blood, sweat, and tears, when you never, ever could give up running:

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