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24 Pictures That Will Actually Hit A Little Too Close To Home For Swimmers

*Hits hand on lane line, dies.*

1. When you realize that swimming is in fact a contact sport:

2. And when you realize you haven't truly experienced pain until you've hit your hand on a lane line:

3. When you think you're going to be brave hopping into the pool, and then when you actually get in:

4. When you're a distance swimmer, and this happens right before your big race:

5. When you're lucky to even get in the pool when you're warming up for a meet:

6. When maybe there was water in your ear, but you always have to have the coach repeat the set at least a second time:

7. When putting on a tech suit basically requires a miracle and God's mercy:

8. When your coach decides to get cute with just a few minutes left in practice:

9. When your coach says this, and you know that it can't mean anything good:

And then when you're about to start a really difficult main set:

10. When your Friday nights are very different from most normal peoples' Friday nights:

11. When you encounter that one swimmer who decides to go all out during the warm-up:

12. When no matter how long you've been swimming, your start always could use a little work:

13. And that definitely includes your backstroke start:

14. When it feels like you have a bottomless pit in your stomach after practice:

15. When you have that one person who swims up your butt the entire practice:

16. When you've got a butterfly set during practice:

17. When you get home from practice and you feel like face-planting on your bed and never waking up:

18. When you get a sprint set during practice and you can't contain your excitement:

19. When you need a break during a hard set, so your goggles conveniently need tightening:

20. When there's that one event that you refuse to ever swim:

21. When you finish the first round of a hard set and realize the pain is just getting started:

22. When your non-swimmer friends ask you why you can't hang out:

23. And when one of them says you smell like a pool and you want to scream at them:

24. And finally, when you get to roll up to the blocks with your relay squad and you feel invincible: