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24 Pictures That Are Actually A Little Too Real For Swimmers

*Tries to put on a Fastskin, dies*

1. When you accidentally whack the lane line and it feels like you might lose a few digits:

2. When you take off your goggles but you still look like this:

3. When the lane leader is catching up behind you during practice:

4. When you never, ever really rinse the chlorine out:

5. When you have to play make-believe during warm-down:

6. When your meet is moving along more slowly than molasses:

7. When you're trying to make practice a little easier on you and your teammates:

8. When you're in the middle of practice and TBH you don't really know what's going on:

9. When you're about to swim the 1650 and you ask your coach how you should swim it:

10. When you have to swim *THAT* event:

11. When you have to carbo-load:

12. When your wake-up alarm might destroy you:

13. When you're almost done with the 500 and you have an "oh shit" moment:

14. When the only way to cope after a morning practice is this:

15. When you have *THAT* person on your team:

16. When you mastered the two-backpack look growing up:

17. When you have to put on a tech suit but it might kill you:

18. When the swimmer behind you just won't stop riding your ass:

19. When you decide to take a convenient "bathroom break" during practice:

20. When swimming becomes a contact sport:

21. When your butterfly stroke looks very different at the beginning of a race than it does at the end:

22. And when you're challenged with swimming too much butterfly during a meet:

23. When you know a hard main set is coming, and you have to prepare for the worst:

24. And finally, when you walk up to the blocks feeling like a badass with your relay squad: