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This Is What The Cast Of "The Parent Trap" Looks Like Now

They have class and you don't.

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Lindsay Lohan as Annie James and Hallie Parker

Double Trouble Fact: In a deleted scene, Hallie (as she is pretending to be Annie) meets the Queen of England, but it was cut from the film! You can view it here.

Elaine Hendrix as Meredith Blake

Double Trouble Fact: The actress who plays Meredith's mother, Joanna Barnes, played the role of the gold digger in the original Parent Trap movie. In both movies, her character's name is Vicky/Vicki!


Michael Lohan (YUP, Lindsay's brother!) as the boy mistakenly at the all-girls summer camp

Double Trouble Fact: Dina Lohan (Lindsay's mom) and her siblings Ali, Dakota, and Michael again also make a cameo during the Heathrow airport scene where Hallie (as Annie) meets Martin.

In a double-trouble error, the original photo for Erin Mackey actually depicted Tara Chang, Lindsay Lohan's fencing stunt double. In a true twist, Tara shares a birthday with Annie and Hallie — October 11!