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OMG, We Just Learned A Ton Of Crazy New Facts About "The Parent Trap"

Did you know Lindsay Lohan helped come up with that infamous handshake herself?

This week marks the 20th anniversary of the release of the greatest movie of our generation, The Parent Trap. That's right: TWO DECADES.

In honor of the anniversary, Bustle just released an oral history of the movie featuring cast and crew members involved in the film's production. Here are the most amazing things we learned.

1. Mischa Barton was the first actor to audition for the roles of Annie and Hallie.

2. Lisa Ann Walter was just as confused about Chessy's name when she first read for the character — she thought she was playing someone named "Jessie."

3. But Chessy is named after a decorator that director Nancy Meyers once had.

4. Simon Kunz was initially only supposed to have a small, different role in the film, but the director and writer of the movie liked him so much they offered him the part of Martin.

5. When Elaine Hendrix walked in for her audition for Meredith, Dennis Quaid was so struck he turned and mouthed, "Are you kidding?!" to the filmmakers.

6. Simon Kunz and Lindsay Lohan made up their famous handshake from scratch. It took them about 2-3 hours to come up with it, according to Kunz.

7. The chocolate from the cabin prank scene actually hardened on the actors' bodies, so when they had to wash it off, they had to "crack the chocolate off" like "chocolate bunnies."

8. Vampire Diaries star Kat Graham actually had a small part in the movie as a camper. She said she listened to a lot of Sugar Ray and Hanson, because Lindsay Lohan was "obsessed with them" and it gave them something to talk about.

9. The emotional scene where Chessy realized Hallie was actually Annie took "a couple of days and 73 takes" to shoot.

10. Initially, the notoriety she gained for playing Meredith "frustrated" Elaine Hendrix for a while. Now, however, she says she's "embraced it because it's just so fun."

11. In the camping scene at the end of the movie, the bird was actually attacking Elaine Hendrix because it thought her red nails were strawberries...

12. ...and the actor also says the water was so cold, she got hypothermia.

13. She also says "everybody" asks about the infamous lizard scene, where the reptile crawls into her mouth — but she won't say what is real and what is fake. I just tell people, "Listen, it’s movie magic," Hendrix said. "There’s a real one, a fake one, and a computer one in there. Go back and watch and see what you can figure out."

14. The actors who played Martin and Chessy didn't know their characters were going to get engaged until they shot the proposal photos together.

15. Maggie Wheeler (Marva Jr.) is probably better known as Janice from Friends, but she says when people recognize her in public, most often they do the same hand motion her character makes when she sends Annie and Hallie to isolation.

16. And finally, Chessy and Meredith may have had no love lost in the movie, but Lisa Ann Walter and Elaine Hendrix are best friends in real life!

Check out Bustle's full oral history of The Parent Trap here.