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    26 Times "The Osbournes" Were The Funniest Family On TV

    "Life has a way of kicking you in the fucking nuts."

    1. When Ozzy was a loving husband to Sharon, in the most Ozzy way possible:

    2. When Sharon got a little TMI about her sex life with Ozzy:

    3. When Ozzy didn't know what was going on when the telephone started ringing:

    4. When bubbles weren't metal enough for Ozzy:

    5. When Ozzy spoke for all of us regarding sleeping in late:

    6. When Kelly called out Jack for getting excited about fast food:

    7. When Sharon just didn't feel like a domestic goddess:

    8. And then when she wasn't too sure about the statement she just made:

    9. When Ozzy wasn't afraid to ask the hard-hitting questions:

    10. When Ozzy wanted to save his ears, and also the fucking birds:

    11. When Sharon had this profound statement that involved bowel movements:

    12. When Sharon had her own unique way of parenting:

    13. When Ozzy cursed at a CAT:

    14. When Jack had ~questionable~ hygiene:

    15. When Ozzy was the ultimate family man:

    16. When Ozzy thought he'd seen it all, and then this happened:

    17. When Ozzy gave Kelly some solid medical advice:

    18. When the Osbournes had a long-ass feud with Christina Aguilera:

    19. When Ozzy became a rock star totally by accident:

    20. When Ozzy had some quality father-son bonding time with Jack:

    21. When Ozzy had just had enough of the ocean's shit:

    22. When Ozzy decided to turn down for the evening and had this to say:

    23. When even the Osbournes' Pomeranian was badass AF.

    24. When Sharon wasn't exactly the religious type:

    25. Just...when this whole entire exchange happened:

    26. And finally, when Ozzy shared this sentiment, which actually was pretty profound: