28 Problems Every Eldest Sibling Will Understand

First, and definitely not worst.

1. First, it starts when they enter the world. Younger siblings are like new toys and you’re old news.

2. Your parents placed RIDICULOUSLY high expectations on you because you’re the test child.


3. They’re also just WAY more strict. Like, you definitely didn’t get to see PG-13 movies until you were actually 13.

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4. And they get to stay up wayyyy later and watch more TV than when you were their age.

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5. And the first time they caught you drunk? You’re lucky you escaped with your head intact.

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6. But for your younger siblings, your parents will give less and less of a crap. The youngest can basically get away with murder.


7. You were expected to pass down your wisdom to your siblings on everything from the SATs to college applications.

8. You were expected to be “the responsible one” as if the fact your mom popped you out first made you a better person. OK, it did, but still.

9. But when you did act “in charge,” you were called “bossy” or worse.

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10. And there is a very, very good chance you have a type-A personality. DEAL WITH IT.

11. This meant you were always supposed to “set a good example” for your younger siblings. So every time you got into trouble, it was magnified by like, tenfold.

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12. But when your younger siblings tried to get away with crap, your parents would explain it away like, “They’re younger, they don’t know any better.” MOM, HE’S 14 NOW, HE DOES KNOW BETTER.

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13. And when you got into fights, YOU got into trouble because you are older and are “supposed to know better.”

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14. Then, there were those times your siblings tried to copy your style and it drove you INSANE.

15. And if they weren’t trying to be as ~trendy~ as you, they were wearing your hand-me-downs. But they definitely didn’t look as good in them as you did.

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16. And it wasn’t just clothes. They wanted to play the same sports as you, or the same instrument, or just try to make your “thing” their “thing.”

17. Your siblings also got stuff WAY earlier than you did. Like, while you got your cell phone in high school, your youngest sibling got it when they were like 12.

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18. Your parents also treated you like a private tutor for your siblings, as if you didn’t have enough on your plate already.

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19. And you’ve lost track of all the times you have had to “watch” your siblings, aka babysit them, because Mom was too cheap to pay for a babysitter.

20. Keeping Santa a secret for them all those years was TORTURE.

21. Your younger siblings will ALWAYS want to leech on and hang out with your friends, because it makes them feel older and cooler.

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22. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work both ways, because you would never be caught dead hanging with your sibling’s friends.

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23. You are always SHOCKED when your younger siblings hit a new benchmark in their lives, like high school or college. They’re not so little anymore!

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24. And watching your siblings do all the “cool” new things like dating, drinking, and — GASP — getting Facebook are a serious jolt to your senses.

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25. Like, if you ever saw a sibling at a party in high school, it was ALARMING to say the very least.

26. This means you have to constantly remind yourself that even though they are always younger than you, your little siblings WILL grow up into “adults.”

27. And you have to ALWAYS look out for them, no matter how big of a pain in the ass they can be. You’re like a watchdog, and super protective.

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28. Most of all you know being the oldest sibling is the toughest, most thankless job in the world — but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

That’s because at the end of the day, seeing your younger siblings do something right, or something like you, can be the best feeling in the world.


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