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You Have To Read Nora Ephron's Old Analysis Of Donald Trump

She knew things.

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There's a quote from the late writer/jack-of-all-trades Nora Ephron on now-presidential candidate and former Celebrity Apprentice host Donald Trump that's going viral on Twitter. The hook? The quote is from 1989...nearly 27 years ago.

Esquire / Via Twitter: @thecajunboy

Ephron's quote, taken from the June 1989 Esquire article "Famous First Words," discusses Trump's unique enjoyment of his fame.

Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images
David Becker / Getty Images
Here is what interests me about Donald Trump: He wants to be famous. He wants people to talk about him. He wants people to notice him. He wants people to write about him. He wants people to ask him for autographs and recognize him and invade his privacy; not that he seems to have any privacy; he doesn't even seem to have a single solitary thought he manages to keep to himself, so perhaps there's no privacy to invade. Perhaps that's the secret. Who knows? It doesn't matter. I tip my hat to Donald Trump, because except for the occasional churlish moment he seems to be genuinely enjoying the experience of fame in a way that no one in his right mind ever does, and the fact that he therefore seems not to have any sense or intelligence or taste whatsoever is beside the point. The man has adapted.

The tea is so hot! 🐸☕️


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