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28 Problems Every Lifeguard Will Understand

The wetter the better.

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1. No matter how many times you yell "NO RUNNING ON THE POOL DECK" kids will inevitably run on the pool deck.


3. You've probably become a pro at applying sunscreen, but good lord, there is always that first burn of the summer.

4. Also, tan lines.


9. You spend so much time outside that on your days off, all you want to do is stay on the damn couch. INSIDE.

11. It will be freezing cold and raining, and still some kids will want to swim, so you have to sit on that stand.


17. Checking the chemicals in the pool like you're on Breaking Bad.


18. Finding frogs and other dead animals in the pool.

19. Closing shifts, because the pool may close at 8 p.m., but you know you aren't getting out until 9.


28. And finally, lifeguarding while hungover.


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