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44 Little Moments Every Swimmer Loves

Life is so good when your goggles don't leak.

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1. When your coach gives you the main set and you understand it the first time around.

2. When you jump in the pool and it's not as cold as you expected.

3. When the person swimming in front of you during practice gives off a really strong draft.

4. When you check out a heat sheet and see that you've been placed in the middle lane.

5. When flip turn and you hit the wall PERFECTLY (you know the feeling).

6. When your parents pick you up from practice and there's already food waiting in the car.

7. When you're able to put on a Fastskin faster than you anticipated.

8. When the blocks at a meet are the perfect height.

9. When the blocks at a meet are not slippery.

10. When you think you're about to hit someone's arm when you're swimming butterfly, but you both miss each other.

11. When you put on your cap perfectly the first time.

12. That moment when you just hit the water off the blocks and you realize your goggles DIDN'T leak.

13. When your coach tells you to put your pull gear on.

14. When your coach tells you to put your fins on.

15. When you're walking to the blocks with your relay and you feel like a superhero team.

16. The moment you get out of practice and you feel like you can eat lit'rally anything in the world.

17. Or when you get out of a meet and you decide to splurge and eat out.

18. When you touch out the person in the lane next to you during a race.


19. When you touch out the person in the lane next to you during practice, because you're hella competitive.

20. When you wake up early and realize you don't have morning practice that day.

21. Or when you wake up really early and realize you have enough time to fall back asleep before practice.

22. When you pick out a pull buoy that's the right size and isn't beat up.

23. When you get to the kickboard bin and your favorite kickboard is there (you know the one).

24. When you skip practice and find out later it was a test set.

25. When a really good song comes on the speakers during a sprint set.

26. Peeing in the pool.

27. The first time you dive into the water after shaving for a big meet.

28. Wearing a new pair of goggles for the first time.

29. When you can work on your tan during outdoor practice during the summers.

30. When someone is being annoying and swimming in the middle of the lane and you whack them and they learn their lesson.

31. When someone actually complements you on the fact that you smell like chlorine.

32. When you pull on the lane line during backstroke and your coach doesn't catch you.

33. Whenever you get to the freestyle leg of the IM.

34. Tapering.

35. When you accidentally skip a 50 during a distance set, but no one says anything and the coach doesn't notice.

36. When your coach gives you a set on a weird interval like 1:25 and you DON'T screw it up.

37. That rare time when warm-up for a meet is NOT crowded.

38. When you get to stay in a hotel with your friends because you were traveling for a meet.

39. When your coach says you're working on starts and turns.

40. When your events are all at the beginning of a meet so you can leave early.

41. When you're the first person to the showers after practice.

42. When you put on your swim parka right after getting out of the pool.

43. When you lose track of where you are in the set, but luckily the person behind you knows where you are.

44. And of course, any time you get to play Sharks & Minnows.