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Michael Phelps Won Gold Again And Sassed The Hell Out Of Chad Le Clos In The Process

Don't Phuck with Phelps.

ICYMI, last night Michael Phelps made a gold-medal face while waiting to swim in the 200-meter butterfly semifinal against South African arch-rival Chad Le Clos.


He made THIS FACE too while Le Clos shadowboxed in front of him.


A meme was born.


And really, last night was just one more incident in a LONG rivalry between the two swimmers — remember how Le Clos *BEAT* Phelps in the 200-meter fly in London, the first time Phelps had lost the event in a DECADE?

Leon Neal / AFP / Getty Images

So you can say a LOT was on the line for Tuesday night's race — especially after the entire world saw the face Phelps made on Monday night.

Clive Rose / Getty Images

Basically, the "OH CRAP" look on Chad Le Clos's face here says it ALL. Phelps smoked him in the final, winning gold in the process.

Adam Pretty / Getty Images

Phelps delivered, and THEN some. Not only did he win gold in the event (Le Clos didn't even medal), after he touched the wall, he also reminded EVERYONE — including the South African — that he's still the GOAT.

Clive Rose / Getty Images

He did the "Come at me, bro" motion:

Phil Walter / Getty Images

He did the "I'm #1" gesture for good measure, too:

Phil Walter / Getty Images

And to top it all off, he did a finger wag to let you know Michael Phelps does NOT phuck around:

David Ramos / Getty Images

Look at Phelps, just straight PHLEXING:

Al Bello / Getty Images

And people were JACKED UP about his win. They loved how he got sassy at the end:

Phelps is the American hero we NEED:

*Glen Coco voice*: “GOLD MEDAL FOR YOU MICHAEL PHELPS YOU GO MICHAEL PHELPS…and none for Chad Le Clos."

Propositions were made:

I just want a man to be as dedicated to me as Michael Phelps is to winning gold medals.

And really, has anyone checked to see if Phelps might have secret powers?

Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky are actually brother and sister. Natalie Portman had them separated at birth to keep them safe.

He even reminded some people of ANOTHER American who won gold earlier in the evening:

Amazing swim by Michael Phelps. He's the male Katie Ledecky! 🇺🇸

Congrats on yet ANOTHER gold medal!

Martin Bureau / AFP / Getty Images

Watch the American women led by Simone Biles in the gymnastics team final tonight in primetime at 8pm ET on NBC.

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