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26 Instagram Accounts That Will Give Guys Serious Style Goals

It feels good to look good.

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1. Bilal Güçlü

What you'll find here: Preppy sophistication, done the Turkish way — Güçlü is based out of Istanbul, and looks like a tall, dark, and handsome Ralph Lauren ad. Also, that beard!

2. Eric Rutherford

What you'll find here: Mr. Rutherford might be old enough to be the dad of some of the other guys on this list, but he just proves dressing your age is all relative. Whether it's out-of-this-world formalwear or rocking streetwear like he's a twentysomething style blogger, Rutherford's Instagram will help you up YOUR fashion game.

3. Steven Onoja

What you'll find here: Sophistication with a bite. If J.Crew had edge to it, it might look something like Nigerian-native Onoja's Instagram feed.

4. Johannes Huebl

What you'll find here: Snaps from Huebl's jetset life — he's an international male model and ALSO Olivia Palermo's hubby. His style is a mix of Old World-sophistication and modern sensibility.

5. Ronwell Lim

What you'll find here: Ronwell is Filipino, but has a truly global sense of fashion. You'll find a lot of fun yet edgy streetwear that'll have heads turning...but for all the right reasons.

6. Jordan & Zac Stenmark

What you'll find here: A little bit of everything, from swimsuits and streetwear to suits and more formalwear. Except everything is multiplied by TWO since Australian twins Jordan and Zac share an Instagram account.

7. Luke Sabbat

What you'll find here: Luke's a teen who just walked in Yeezy's latest show, so expect lot's of streetwear that will have you wondering, That looks great, but could I pull it off? You won't know the answer until you try!

8. Patrick Janelle

What you'll find here: Patrick's Instagram feed is more lifestyle-focused than strictly style-focused, but when he does post #OOTD pictures, they look Fifth Avenue-ready.

9. Akihiko Nishi

What you'll find here: It's pretty evident why Akihiko goes by the handle @gatsby_osaka — his style is lush and sumptuous. It's mainly tailored suits, but there is also some more casual wear in there too!

10. Khaled Nasr

What you'll find here: Nasr might be L.A.-based, but his classic, tailored suits look like they belong on winding European cobblestone streets. Study up, boys!

11. Garrett Neff

What you'll find here: OK, so he's a top-flight male model — Neff has sort of a built in advantage here, but regardless, his wardrobe always looks 💯 without coming across as contrived or stuffy.

12. Lucky Blue Smith

What you'll find here: At just 17, Smith is already one of the top models in the world. Yeah, there are a ton of selfies...but he's at the cutting edge of fashion, and you'd be remiss to not be paying attention.

13. Inwon Lee

What you'll find here: His punkish (almost STEAMPUNK) look isn't easy to pull off, but there's probably a thing or two you could learn from Inwon Lee's Instagram. And he mixes in more subdued sartorial choices as well.

14. Eliezer Infante

What you'll find here: Everything from what you'd wear to be best-dressed at Sunday brunch to the suits you SHOULD be wearing to the next wedding you attend. Plus, Eliezer's magnificent beard.

15. Moti Ankari

What you'll find here: Moti, aka "the metroman," shares cool snaps from his international lifestyle. With his inspiration, you might even find a way to turn your next flight into your own personal runway.

16. Tom Jamieson O'Connor

What you'll find here: An eclectic mix of looks — from what you'd rock at Coachella, to resortwear, to more formal looks. It's not for everyone, but at least you'll be along for Tom's fantastic ride.

17. Juan Dyer

What you'll find here: Venezuelan-born, L.A.-based Juan will give you all the androgynous style goals you need in your life when you get bored of your normal slacks and button-up shirt routine.

18. Bertus Regis

What you'll find here: An eclectic mix of trendy pieces and classic style. Oh, and all the photography on Bertus' feed is top-notch, so we apologize in advance if you end up scrolling for hours.

19. Justin Livingston

What you'll find here: Once you follow him, you'll realize Justin travels a lot, so expect unpretentious clothing that translates across borders — but also is way cooler than anything you're wearing at the moment.

20. Johnny Carmona

What you'll find here: If there was a dude with a toned-down version of Katy Perry's bright fashion sense, it might be Johnny Carmona. His signature style will add a burst of much-needed color to your Instagram feed.

21. Matthew Zorpas

What you'll find here: James Bond-level sophistication that's still approachable. Zorpas founded The Gentleman Blogger, so you know his feed is chock-full of inspiration for the next time you upgrade your closet.

22. Aaron Wester

What you'll find here: A more restrained style than many other guys on this list. Wester — who goes by the moniker "The Modern Otter" — takes it back to basics (think leather jackets, lots of denim) and you should too!

23. Nick Wooster

What you'll find here: If you're not following style icon Nick Wooster already, you need to fix that immediately. Even in his 50s, he's still providing inspiration on how to stand out in a crowd while also looking your best. His feed also features a ton of other well-dressed men.

24. Will Taylor

What you'll find here: Tons of style (and also travel photos) that lives up to Will's @brightbazzar Instagram handle. If looking bright, cheery, and fresh isn't your thing, then move on. Otherwise, you'll be studying this feed like a textbook.

25. Brian Chan

What you'll find here: Smart-casual to more business-appropriate wear, all with a signature West Coast flair. Brian *does* work for Club Monaco, so it all makes sense.

26. Adam Gallagher

What you'll find here: Gallagher has the most popular account on this list — 1.5 million followers and counting — and with good reason. He rocks a sophisticated, classic wardrobe while living the life you wish you had — but follow him, and you'll look better just trying to play catchup.

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