Can You Make It Through This Awkward Video Of Megyn Kelly Dancing With Hoda Kotb?

    I can't look away.

    Hey friends! In case you didn't know, Megyn Kelly's new morning show on NBC has kind of been a mess from the get-go!

    But because this is 2017 and things only go from bad to worse to just plain bizarre, HAVE I GOT SOMETHING FOR YOU! Unproblematic fourth hour of The Today Show queen Hoda Kotb stopped by Megyn's set this Thursday...

    ...and honestly, you just need to plug in your headphones and press play because words cannot possibly even begin to describe what you're about to see. I'm not sure what human emotion I'm supposed to feel while watching this, but I'm definitely feeling SOMETHING.

    Hoda was on #MegynKellyToday this morning for no reason other than to fill time and I've never been so embarrassed.

    Also, someone set the clip to the iconic rap kween Khia’s seminal classic “My Neck, My Back” which is quite possibly even better than the original!

    Anyway, have a great weekend y'all!