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    Mayonnaise Ice Cream Is A Thing That Exists Now, And I Don't Know How To Feel

    Is mayonnaise an ice cream?

    I've worked at BuzzFeed for over four years, so I've seen my fair share of crazy stuff on the internet. But nothing — not the weird fan art porn of Jar Jar Binks I accidentally stumbled upon, not the deranged harassment from Hailey Baldwin stan Twitter accounts — could prepare me for what the world wide web had in store for me this week.

    Are you ready? No you're not. But you read the headline and clicked here we go.

    Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you: MAYONNAISE ICE CREAM. It's the brainchild of ICE, a scoop shop in Falkirk, Scotland. I'm intrigued, to say the least.

    The flavor has been described as "strange...not as eggy as you’d expect, in fact quite creamy and sweet" by people who have tried it.

    ICE is no stranger to peculiar flavors. The store's website lists other odd flavors, like Monster Energy.

    Here's a video NowThis did about the ice cream if you want to see it in action. TBH it looks kind of rich and creamy and I'm not saying I have any immediate plans to go to Scotland but I could be convinced.

    No, that ain’t vanilla. It’s mayo ice cream.

    Of course, the flavor has been more than a little divisive on the internet.

    No more disgusted idea has existed in the history of mankind. I'm talking about Mayonnaise-flavored ice cream.

    Like, some people are really not here for it.

    If I bite into some mayo ice cream thinking it’s vanilla, somebody gotta see these hands.


    On my whole entire life I would beat someone’s ass if I bit into ice cream that was Mayo flavored

    But others are interested in the development...

    glad i logged into twitter tonight or i may have completely missed the mayo ice cream news cycle

    ...and some have even pointed out that mayo and ice cream are actually made of similar ingredients, so the flavor is actually not a crazy idea.

    ice cream is eggs and milk and sugar. mayo is eggs and oil. it's only controversial if you aren't familiar with food

    Anyway, I'm still shocked that this flavor exists. But I still have one burning question...