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Martha Stewart Just Shaded The Kardashian Out Of Jonathan Cheban On Twitter

Hang this tweet in the Louvre.

Everyone knows Martha Stewart is a domestic goddess, but a lesser-known fact about the Queen of the Kitchen is she's *ACTUALLY* the baddest bitch of them all.

Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images

Like, remember the time she roasted Justin Bieber on national TV *AND* proposed a three-way with the pop star/serial urinator in the process? Good times!

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Anyway, Martha is currently in Cannes and spent some time on the Daily Mail's MailOnline yacht (I can't believe I just typed that sentence) having the time of her life.

*ALSO* on the yacht was Kardashian hanger-on/frequent name-searcher Jonathan Cheban.

It looks like the two were seated next to each other for dinner, because Jonathan uploaded this picture to Snapchat:

Jonathan Cheban / Snapchat

Martha was on her phone at dinner for a good reason, because she just fired off this shady-ass tweet asking the internet whether or not Cheban is well-known (he claims he is, per our domestic goddess):

#seriouslypopular @DailyMail @MailOnline do you know this guy?? He says he is well known

*EVERYTHING* about this tweet is worthy of Martha earning a first-ballot election into the Shade Hall of Fame. Let's break down the nuance of this Pulitzer-worthy tweet, shall we?

Sam Stryker/BuzzFeed / Via Twitter: @MarthaStewart

— Martha could have probably asked the closest B-lister on the yacht who Cheban is, but instead she blasted out her inquiry to the entire internet.

— The use of the #seriouslypopular hashtag is FILTHY (even though it's technically the name of the party they're both attending) because it alleges whatever notoriety Cheban has is not super respectable (I can sense Martha's eye-roll several continents and oceans away.)

— She @'d the Daily Mail AND MailOnline for dramatic effect.

— "He says he is well known" acknowledges Cheban's unquenchable thirst for the spotlight.

— That headshot is EVERYTHING.

— Probably the BEST part is she didn't ask Cheban what his Twitter handle is to include in the tweet, OR include his name, because he is a known name-searcher.

Martha followed up her tweet with ANOTHER shady dig:

Better photo of jonathan who is very famous bff of the kardashians who knew!

"Who knew" indeed.

Cheban seemed to be a good sport and having a good time with the whole thing, because he then tweeted this picture of himself with Martha:

Twitter: @JonathanCheban

But just look at that mischievous grin on her face...




This post has been updated to note that Martha's use of the #seriouslypopular hashtag was because "Seriously Popular" is the name of the party she is attending; that being said it's still SHADY.

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