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Mariah Carey's Feud With Ariana Grande Is Everything You Need Right Now

A BuzzFeed Elusive Report.

This is Mariah Carey, aka the Elusive Chanteuse, aka one of the most prolific female recording artists OF ALL TIME.

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

She's a first-ballot hall-of-fame diva AND she hosted the most iconic episode of MTV Cribs EVER.


And this is Ariana Grande, pint-sized pop starlet and a 2014 It girl. She, like Mariah, is a big, big diva.

Getty Images for MTV Tristan Fewings

Also, she USUALLY likes to wear her hair in a ponytail.

The two just seem to be natural-born rivals. Not only because Ariana has a similar look...and sound...and voice...and style to Mariah, but they are also both world-class DIVAS.

Can you smell the feud yet?

Someone just referred to Ariana Grande as "Mariah Carey's Horcrux" and I can't stop laughing.


Someone just referred to Ariana Grande as "Mariah Carey's Horcrux" and I can't stop laughing.

4:00 PM - 20 Sep 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

IT REEKS OF A GOOD OLD-FASHIONED CATFIGHT. And we are FOAMING at the lips just to watch it go down.

Ladies, enter the ring!


On the one hand, you have Ariana. She has the voice of an angel — or at least the voice of a former Nickelodeon star — and it seems she's sucked the life force out of Mimi.

Poor Mariah... She's just yesterday's news. What, it's TRUE, and you know I'm right.

BUT check the receipts! Mariah is like a fucking hoarder when it comes to Grammys. BUT COOL TEEN CHOICE AWARD, ARIANA.

The conversation begins and ends with Mariah. Nothing says winning like actually WINNING. Case closed!

Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande both at the age of 21. See the difference now?


Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande both at the age of 21. See the difference now?

12:30 PM - 29 Aug 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

VERDICT: Mariah takes the first round and leads 1-0.


The big knock on Ariana is she's just a little copycat who's been jacking Mariah's brand since Day One.

Like, this is Ariana's rumored birthplace.

And this is how she does her makeup every day.

Want to become Ariana Grande yourself? It's not *that* hard. I present: THE ARIANA GRANDE STARTER PACK.

But others believe she emerged from Mariah's knee as a fully formed toddler in 1993.

And she was DESTINED to take down Mariah, just like Luke Skywalker was meant to take down Darth Vader.

The paradox of Mariah is she was so powerful, she produced her own downfall! She birthed The Chosen One, the One True Diva.


Face it, copycat or not, Ariana's at the top of her game. It's 2014, and all we want for Christmas is YOU, Ariana!

(See what I did there?)

Verdict: Ariana takes the second round, and it's a 1-1 tie going into the final round.


I mean, you have two bold, powerful women who aren't afraid to get what they want.

I present this as evidence: Mariah rolling squad-deep as the cattiest cat to ever cat. Ariana needs to step up her pussy power.

But Mariah seems to know she needs to watch her back, as Ari is coming for her!

And as the last piece of evidence...just... This. Yeah.

Verdict: This round is a TIE, meaning we need a TIEBREAKER.

Has Ariana taken the Throne of Diva-dom?

Or are we REALLY supposed to believe Ariana comes even close to being the Elusive Chanteuse that Mariah is?

Could it be this feud between two talented ladies is just cooked up by the media?


Or is it? There must be a real feud, right? PICK A SIDE AND SCREAM, "DRAG HER!!!"

  1. So what's the verdict? Are you #TeamMariah or #TeamAriana?

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So what's the verdict? Are you #TeamMariah or #TeamAriana?
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