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    Posted on Apr 7, 2016

    We Have A Lot Of Questions After Watching The New "Star Wars" Trailer

    Buckle up your X-Wing seatbelts...

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    Earlier today the first trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story dropped, and it was BONKERS insane...and left us with a lot of questions!

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    1. The big looming question: Who exactly *IS* Jyn Erso?

    Lucasfilm / Via

    The trailer gives us just a few hints at Jyn's backstory; she is on the run from the Empire for treasonous activities. But where is she originally from? And most importantly, why was she so eager to piss off the ALMIGHTY Empire? Seems she has a thing for living dangerously — maybe she is a bit more like Han Solo than Luke Skywalker?

    2. Why was Jyn arrested by the Rebel Alliance?

    Lucasfilm / Via

    OK, so it *seems* that Jyn has no allegiance to the Empire, so you would think that would naturally make her an ally to the Rebel Alliance. But our introduction to her has her arrested by the Rebels. Mon Mothma lists a series of transgressions against the Empire, not the Rebels — what did Jyn do to be detained? Is it simple mistrust, or is it something much more serious?

    3. And what is the deal (or relationship) between the Rebel Alliance and Jyn?

    Lucasfilm / Via

    Mon Mothma seems to know Jyn's whole backstory and appears to be presenting a deal of sorts for Jyn to lead (or at least be a part of) the mission to retrieve the Death Star plans. Why was she approached for such a deal...and more importantly, what exactly qualifies her to be an integral part of this mission?

    4. Are we going to see any old familiar characters aside from Mon Mothma?

    Lucasfilm / Via

    The trailer shows that filmmakers took extraordinary care to replicate the feel and appearance of the original Star Wars trilogy, which chronologically this movie immediately precedes. Does that mean we might see some other familiar faces, even in cameo roles?

    5. What planets does the movie take place on?

    Lucasfilm / Via

    So it looks like the Rebel base is located on Yavin 4, the same planet from A New Hope. But we see a sandy planet where Jyn is fighting, a tropical planet, and the above planet, which may or may not be different from the aforementioned planet Jyn is on. Are there any other planets Star Wars fans will be traveling to? What are these new planets...and will we be returning to any old ones?

    6. Who is the random robot that keeps popping up in the trailer?

    Lucasfilm / Via

    We see this robot twice — toward the beginning of the trailer, when it is following Jyn on a sandy planet, and again above when Jyn and others are running for their lives on what appears to be an Imperial base or the Death Star. It seems likely that this robot is a member of the Rebel group sent to acquire the Death Star plans. But what is the nature of this robot? Where did it come from, and why does it seem like it's so vital to the mission?

    7. What is the nature of Forest Whitaker's character?

    Lucasfilm / Via

    We don't know much about Whitaker's character — not even a NAME — but he seems to play an important role in the movie based off the trailer. He's dressed in very peculiar armor, and doesn't seem to be a part of the Rebel Alliance...but he does have some sort of important relationship with Jyn. "What will you do when they catch you?" he asks her. "What will you do if they break you? If you continue to fight, what will you become?" His presence is incredibly ominous...we want to know who he is!

    8. Will we be seeing any Star Wars Rebels characters in the movie?

    Lucasfilm/ Disney

    Disney XD's Star Wars Rebels — which is a very well done follow-up series to the Clone Wars — takes place only a few years before A New Hope, so it wouldn't be too ridiculous that some of the characters established in the series could be making appearances in the film. It almost looks like Donnie Yen could playing be Kanan Jarrus from Rebels?! If that were the case, could we perhaps even get an appearance by Ahsoka Tano?

    9. The Imperial officer in the white cloak...he has to be the main baddie, right?

    Lucasfilm / Via

    Ben Mendelsohn plays a mysterious Imperial officer — who also happens to wear the most fabulous cape in the galaxy — but is he a totally brand-new character? Or is he supposed to play the villainous Grand Moff Tarkin from A New Hope?

    10. Who is the character in the black cloak...

    Lucasfilm / Via

    At first, we'd want this to be Darth Vader, right (more on him later)? But Vader never wore a hooded cloak like the above figure wears. So it begs the this a new character? Maybe it's an old, familiar face? Either way, this is one of the biggest questions the trailer presents.

    11. ...and what's the deal with the Imperial chamber that he walks into?

    Lucasfilm / Via

    The presence of Imperial guards on the left and right would insinuate that this is a chamber for the Emperor himself. But...where is he, exactly? It doesn't *really* look like he's obscured by the hooded figure. So what exactly is this chamber for?

    12. Why is Jyn wearing an Imperial uniform at the end of the trailer?

    Lucasfilm / Via

    The most logical explanation would be that this is from later in the movie, and it's a disguise to infiltrate the Empire and steal the Death Star plans. But...Star Wars trailers are almost never, ever that straightforward. What if Jyn was a Finn-esque character who turns away from the Empire? THEIR NAMES EVEN RHYME.

    13. Finally, for OG Star Wars fans, will we be seeing Han Solo...


    A big rumor leading up to Rogue One has been that a young Han Solo, who will be the next subject of a Star Wars spinoff, would make a cameo in the movie. This was impacting the casting process for that film. But...this is still a rumor!

    14. ...and will Darth Vader pop up in the movie?


    Rumors have swirled that Vader would appear in Rogue One — perhaps in a cameo — but the trailer unsurprisingly neither confirms nor denies this notion. His appearance would make sense in the movie...but will he actually appear?

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