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    Luxembourg's Openly Gay First Husband Just Posed With A Bunch Of First Ladies And People Are Loving It

    Get your LIFE Gauthier.

    This is Gauthier Destenay (left) and Luxembourg's Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, the first openly gay European Union leader to marry his partner.

    John Thys / AFP / Getty Images

    At this week's NATO meeting in Belgium, Gauthier posed for this EPIC group shot with the other spouses and partners of world leaders.

    Yorick Jansens / AFP / Getty Images

    Is anyone else getting Real Housewives of NATO vibes? Andy Cohen, can we make this happen?

    Call me corny, but I'm ALWAYS here for a little queer representation, yeah?

    Yorick Jansens / AFP / Getty Images

    Look at how happy he is!

    Aurore Belot / AFP / Getty Images

    Of course, people are HERE for it.

    This is so cool. Luxembourg's first husband Gauthier Destenay, poses with other NATO world leader spouses. 🏳️‍🌈

    Like, REALLY here for it!

    FIRST: Congrats #GauthierDestenay First husband from Luxembourg PM. A big step for equality #symbolism…

    Can you blame them?

    My New hero #gauthierDestenay First husband from Luxembourg . À big step for equality #symbolism #NATOsummit…

    Oh, and Gauthier is pretty easy on the eyes too...NBD!

    Nicolas Maeterlinck / AFP / Getty Images

    I'm not crying, you're crying!