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24 Pictures That Will Make Runners Laugh Then Put On Their Sneakers

Giggles are the new Gatorade.

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1. When you feel incredible guilt over taking a rest day:

2. When going on a run seems like a good idea until you actually go on a run:

3. When your stomach feels like a bottomless pit after you go on a long run:

New Line

4. When emojis perfectly describe what it's like to run 13.1 miles:

5. When you've been out for 10 minutes and all of a sudden you can feel your left leg cramping up:

6. When running sometimes doesn't just feel like a workout but a lifestyle:

7. When you yank your earbuds out too fast after a run and this happens:

8. When the activity of running seems like a paradox:

New Line / Via Twitter: @TheYogiJedi

9. When some Beyoncé comes on in the middle of your run, and suddenly there's a little more pep in your step:

Universal / Via Twitter: @WillRunForBling

10. When you think you feel a shin splint coming on, but your doctor tells you that you were just overthinking it:

11. When you think about your body before you became obsessed with running:

12. And when you're feeling sore from a long run, but have to come up with a makeshift ice pack:

13. When your calves never, ever give you a break:

14. When your desire to look good clashes with your desire to work out in the morning:

15. When you need to dry your running gear in the fastest way possible, cleanliness be damned:

16. When you hear people talk about getting a tan at the beach, and all you can think about is this very real problem:

17. And when you are in a constant need of a pedicure, because your runner's feet look just like this:

Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @MartinBushell1

18. When you've been running with sneakers that have looked like this for a month, and you realize you're really overdue for new kicks:

19. And when this is only HALF of your running sneakers stash:

20. When you want to quit, but reality (and the empty pit in your stomach) hits back:

21. When staying in shape isn't necessarily beneficial to your life as a whole:

22. When you know any REAL runner would do exactly this, because rounding up isn't a thing — you have to actually hit the number:

DC Comics / Via Twitter: @VCrunner

23. When food is, and always will be, your biggest motivator:

24. And finally, when your obsession with running is summed up in one image:

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